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bupaR 0.5.1 (dev)

CRAN release: 2022-09-29


  • Added new functions to check if an object x inherits from a particular event data class (is.log(x), is.eventlog(x), is.activitylog(x), is.grouped_log(x), is.grouped_eventlog(x), is.grouped_actiivtylog(x)).

Bug Fixes

  • group_by(.data, ..., .add = F) now works correctly on grouped_eventlog. Previously, applying group_by() to a grouped_eventlog reverted it to a data.frame, which prevented the application of further bupaR functions on the returned value.
  • The "raw" attribute of metrics in edeaR (e.g. throughput_time) containing the original data is now kept after applying group_by(). This can be useful for further analyses on the output of metrics and can be accessed using attr(log, "raw").
  • Fixed bug in add_start_activity() and add_end_activity() which failed when applied to an activitylog.
  • Fixed bug in activitylog. Failed when not both start and complete columns where available.
  • Fixed bug in assign_instance_id. Failed when data had a column with the name status.


  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added GitHub Action (pkgdown).
  • Updated