Installing bupaR

The easiest way to install the core bupaR packages is by installing the bupaverse-package.


You can then load the packages using library().


This allows you to use bupaR, eventdataR, edeaR, processcheckR, and processmapR.

The following packages can be installed from CRAN individually using install.packages().

  • daqapo
  • heuristicsmineR
  • petrinetR
  • pm4py
  • processanimateR
  • processpredictR
  • psmineR
  • understandBPMN
  • xesreadR

Dev-versions of these packages can be installed from GitHub using remotes::install_github().

In the same way, the following experimental packages can be installed.

  • collaborateR
  • bpmnR
  • propro

Additional requirements


Using the processpredictR package requires a Python installation on your machine. Check the Tensorflow documentation to get started. Once tensorflow and keras are installed, processpredictR will be ready to be used.

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